Sunday, 12 May 2013

The One iPad Classroom

Possible iPad Uses
Whole Class - Teacher uses the iPad to display content on a projector for the whole class.
Stations - A favorite in the elementary classroom. Attach a task to complete at a station.
Pass Around - Not great with large classes, but can be useful for some collaborative tasks.
Small Groups - Working in 2s, 3s, or 4s on some kind of collaborative group work.

Classroom Management
Class Dojo - Behaviour Management tracking tool for the teacher
Stick Pick - A can of virtual popsicle sticks, but also a way to record/evaluate student responses in class.
Too Noisy - An app to display on your IWB that monitors noise level
Australian Curriculum App - For planning

Lesson Ideas
Use the iPad to differentiate. Extend your more able learners, or give your struggling learners more reinforcement. Just be sure to use it for all students, and not just the "smart" ones. 

Use the iPad as a station in literacy and numeracy rotations and have small group work collaboratively on task.

Schedule 1 on 1 time for students with the iPad. Shared time helps get everyone involved, but as with real life, 1 on 1 time is important too. You could even break out the digital timers here.

Use the iPad as a Listening Centre or as part of your free reading time. There are many good, free books in the iBooks Store that could be used in your classroom during this time. Many have read aloud audio.

Find apps suitable for small group instruction. You as the teacher can lead the small group, demonstrate the skill with the app, and involve students in the learning process.

Work on Collaborative Stories. Several students can work on a story at one time, so you don't need one iPad for every student in this kind of scenario, if everybody plays nice and takes their turn. Assign roles and rotate students through them.

Make fluency assessments - Record students reading with an audio app, or with the built-in video camera, and let them hear themselves back. Pair them as reading buddies and let them record each other's mistakes as they read and reread the same passage.

Create a QR Code Scavenger Hunt. Have students complete the hunt in small groups, taking turn to scan the QR code and search for the information. 

Screencast! Use apps like Educreations, ShowMe or Explain Everything to record screencasts of group projects, science investigations, math concepts, and more.

Create Movie Trailers with iMovie - A great collaborative experience where students get to plan, act, and shoot their own movie trailer! Link to stories in Language Arts, historical events in Social Studies, school events, field trips, etc.

Scan Text/Worksheets - Use the camera app to capture text from a book, worksheet or self created graphic organiser, use VGA adaptor to display screen on IWB and write on or annotate it in Skitch.

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