Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Power of Using Book Creator with EALD Learners

Book Creator in an amazing app that has very few limitations when you start getting creative and thinking outside the box.
Here are just a few ideas of ways Book Creator can support you to support EALD learners in your classroom. These ideas can also be used for lower ability students.

Create ‘talking’ books in Book Creator that EALD students could use to reinforce learning while other students are working on more difficult tasks. Include word, picture and audio where possible. These books can be sent to iBooks so that they are safe from accidental editing. Some ideas for the types of books that might be helpful are:
Books that focus on classroom vocabulary-
Books with photos of other students – showing class seating plan.
Books that reinforce maths concepts with pictures of manipulatives, money, clocks etc.
Books that focus on the text types you are exploring in your classroom.
Alphabet books as you teach letters and sounds – these could be added to each time you cover a sound with this student.

If you want the book to be more interactive you can start to add some questions and answers with interactive links so that students receive immediate feedback.
You can have the student read the book in Book Creator and create matching activities where students need to match words to pictures.

When students are ready to begin ‘creating’ for themselves they could draw pictures to display their understanding, they could illustrate sentences in a book you have already created, they could type the text to match a photo with a spoken sentence. They could record themselves reading a sentence that has been written on each page. They could create an entire book working alone or with another student.

There are so many other ways Book Creator can be used with EALD learners - hopefully these few will start you off.

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