Thursday, 15 May 2014

Kim's Random Thought for the Day

There is no question that, in education, there is huge emphasis on stardardised testing and data collection. If the only reason you are using the iPad in your classroom is to improve test scores not only are you not using the iPad to its full potential but you are probably not going to see a huge improvement. We all know you cannot find out everything you need to know about students through 'tests'. We also know that the best way for a student to fully understand a concept is to teach someone else. If you are already a great maths teacher, using the iPad so students can practise the skills is not really going to help them, or you. Using the iPad for a student to demonstrate their thinking or create resources to teach others will allow for learning and assessment at the same time. Improving the, in part, surface learning that is needed to complete a written test is not using the iPad for its potential. You only have to glance at the Australian Curriculum to see the broad and deep knowledge embedded into the learning areas, general capabilities and cross curricular priorities. This is where the potential of the iPad comes into its own.

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