Saturday, 17 May 2014

Digital Storytelling

One digital storytelling tool that I don't think I have talked about enough is Animoto. It is an online and mobile video creation service that makes it easy and fun for students to create and share amazing videos using their own images, words and music. You can sign up and create dynamic presentations for free or there are a couple of paid options with more options. As always, I use the free version.

After choosing a theme (this will determine the look and feel of the video), simply upload images and to the video editor. Next, you personalise your movie with text and music— Once you’re satisfied with the layout, click the produce button to be amazed.

Animoto can be integrated across the curriculum so it is the perfect digital storytelling tool for the classroom. For example, biographies, field trips, book report projects, movie trailers and more can all be created quickly and easily. A great feature is the ability to sign up for a teacher account and add up to 50 students. This way you get Plus for free for 6 months and the ability to save the finished product to the camera roll. Or you can just share the link on your class blog.

What a great way to inspire creativity in your students by giving them the opportunity to showcase their knowledge in a fun, innovative and educational way!

I created a quick video to give you an idea. This one is very basic and took my 2 minutes to create.

Digital Creations by KPS Students

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