Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a fantastic way for students to present all different types of information. Narratives, retells and text adaptions can all be presented digitally. The planning and editing are still a major party the project.

What I think is an even more valuable use of digital storytelling is the presentation of research. One fun way this can be presented is through an interview using PuppetPals. Imagine an interview with Ned Kelly with Glenrowan as the background. Students would need to come up with good interview questions as well as the answers.

While digital storytelling has been around for a long time, using various computer programs, it has never been easier than with an iPad. 

Just some of the excellent apps for digital storytelling include PuppetPals, Toontastic, Book Creator, SonicPics, Strip Designer, Little Story Maker, iFunFace, Tellagami, I can Animate, Stop Motion, iMovie, Comic Book, Little Bird Tales and so many more.

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