Sunday, 24 November 2013


As I have mentioned before, we use a shared model when it comes to using iPads at KPS. While we have tried out various ways of sharing the devices, we currently have a set in every class. At the moment this set is smaller than we would like but we are in the process of purchasing quite a few more iPads so that we we will have enough to share 1 iPad to 3 students in every classroom which, in my opinion will be ideal.

Many teachers across the school have achieved the 'shift in thinking' needed to be using iPads effectively to enhance learning and achieve higher order thinking skills. These teachers see the iPad as a fantastic, engaging, motivating, extremely versatile tool but also use a range of tools in their programs. These are the pedagogy first, technology second teachers. Not all teachers have achieved this and some are still trying to work iPads into their lessons.

While the focus should definitely be on how the iPads are used and not on the number of iPads, I believe the lower student to iPad ratio will make the planning and operational side easier. I am excited that we will be going into 2014 with this arrangement and I can't wait to see the small group collaboration happening across the school.

At this point we are looking into trialling a BYOD 1:1 program in some upper primary classes in 2015 but we have no plans to introduce 1:1 in junior primary. Students involved in the 1:1 trial will be encouraged to bring whatever tablet style device they have.

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