Thursday, 15 August 2013

QR Codes

There are so many amazing ideas for creating QR Codes on-line. You just have to Google it! Here is the link to one scavenger hunt lesson idea, complete with reflection. This teacher used the website to create the codes. This website also includes some other great resources such as Fakebook and FakeSMS. Imagine getting to create a Facebook page that Paddy Hannan, Captain Cook or a first settler might have. You can also create fake messages between 2 people - how about between Captain Arthur Phillip and Captain James Cook (yes I know he was dead) but imagine the conversation that would have taken place when Phillip realised Botany Bay......

  • Good Evening Cook, dear fellow. It seems, my good fellow, that this Botany Bay leaves a bit to be desired in the old settlement area. What says you my good man?
  • Oh dear, my good man. Maybe you need to toughen up a bit!
Now that's fun! Anyway back to the lesson idea I mentioned. 

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