Thursday, 8 August 2013

Augmented Reality

Yesterday I started a lesson with a class in which the students are working in groups to create iMovies about early explorers. The guidelines they have are to include important information and the movie needs to be less than 45 seconds long. This is to keep their movies succinct.

They will then be using Aurasma to create an aura from their movie, using a photo of the explorer as the trigger. As a stimulus and to introduce them to Augmented Reality I used the ColarMix app on the IWB. It worked very well. Of course they all wanted to do a colouring but it got the ball rolling. I then showed them the Captain Cook Aurasma I had created to make things a bit more relevant but I feel that the stimulus got them interested and I am excited to show them how to use Aurasma when they are finished.

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