Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Popplet is a fantastic app but it is also a browser based program. Just some ideas for using Popplet in the classroom:

Here are some of the features of the browser based version.

-Easy + Free (PCs)
- Online 
- Zooming work space.
-Integrate text, upload image from your PC.
- Add youtube links, flicker pictures, google maps, and amazon pictures.
- Share it using social media like twitter, facebook or embed it to a blog.
- PC +iPad
-Allow access to multiple users by email.
- Bookmarklet that let you clip images and text from other websites and post them to your popplet boards.
- Multi language support.
- Export it as a JPG or PDF file.
-Print it.
- Comments on boxes or bubbles.
- Draw.

These ideas are for both the browser based version and the app.

Presenting historical events: use the timeline option with the lines and multi-media to create a historical model for an event.

A brainstorming "Creative thinking" tool : you can use it to trigger creative thinking in a workspace that can be expanded , recording class notes , or the generated ideas in a brainstorming session.

Project Based Learning  : popplet can be used for group work, with the ability to add elements like pictures it is an effective platform for project based learning.

- Storytelling: Timelines will mutlimedia can be used to tell a story.

Summarizing : Students can summarize ideas from a book they read in the classroom, teachers can also present the main ideas of a lesson.

Organizing: Mind map is also a great way to organize thoughts from a brain stroming session.

- ScrapBook/ School or class photo albums /Posters : popplet final projects can be exported as JPG or PDF files and you can also print it.

Introducing/ presenting new topics.

- Differentiation / Visual learners.

-  Planning for a unit 

Homework and assignment : Print it, or use it online and fill in the blank.

- Feedback with comments

- Phonics: word banking of phonic sounds

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