Tuesday, 16 July 2013

More Tellagami

This is how one teacher in NSW used the Tellagami app

Using Tellagami in the Primary Classroom

Persuasive Video
During Literacy Groups, one group read an article about the Mars One program. The article spoke about how the Mars One recruiters were accepting applications for people wishing to start a new colony on Mars. Students were given the task of creating a persuasive application video using tellagami. They were given only one minute to convince recruiters that they were the best choice.
To complete the task students:
  • Edited their avatar
  • Took a photo to use for their background. Some took a phot from around the school, while others located images on Google and saved them to the photo roll.
  • Recorded their application. As Tellagami has a 30 second limit, students recorded their video in two sections and then combined them using iMovie.

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