Thursday, 20 June 2013

Comic Strips and Photo Collage

I have mentioned comic strip and photo collage apps on this Blog several times. I just think they are great apps that can be used in so many ways:

  • For many reading strategies such as prediction and summarising
  • For recounts of excursions or language experiences
  • For retelling of movies
  • For creative writing
  • For recording of science investigations 
  • For procedure writing
  • To show understanding of concepts in various learning areas
  • And so many more

Here are some Comic and Photo Collage Apps that are worth trying

Strip Designer $2.99
Comic Book $1.99
PhotoComic $0.99
Halftone $0.99
Halftone 2 free
Comic Life $5.49
Comic Maker HD free
Pic Collage free
Skitch free
Frame Magice Lite free
Frame Magic $0.99
Snap Collage free
In IT students have been making cyber safety resources using a variety of apps and computer programs. The first one was made using PicCollage and the second one Strip Designer.

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