Sunday, 30 March 2014

Digital Portfolios

It is a tradition in early childhood classes to send each child home at the end of the year with a portfolio that documents the fun and learning that they experienced over the course of the school year.  These generally contain multiple photos, work samples and description of learning outcomes.

I recently attended a digital portfolio workshop with the intention of discovering a better tool to use to create digital portfolios than what I was already suggesting. We did look at a couple of tools but my preferred one is still Book Creator as it is so simple to use.

With a digital portfolio, not only can you add photos of students and photos of work samples you can also add audio recordings, video recordings, digital creations and audio or written notes from the teacher.

Books made in Book Creator can also be shared with parents in a couple of ways:
The first is as an that can be viewed on any device - this could be shared with parents using GoogleDrive or DropBox.
The second is as a printed or emailed PDF - in PDF form, digital recordings and digital creations can be shared via QR Codes.

If I was in an early childhood class I would set up a book in Book Creator for each student in my class and add content along the way. No gluing, no cutting, no bulky books.

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Paul Fuller said...

It was great working with you last week Kim. Thanks for sharing this with your staff. I can't wait to see what the team at KPS do with these great tools.