Saturday, 22 February 2014


After such fantastic success with Kahootit the first couple of times I used it, I have now encountered some difficulties. The last two times I attempted to use it the students couldn't join - very disappointing but I will try again.

This week I have been trying out NearPod which, like many of my favourites is an app and also browser based. Excellent for blended learning and similar to Blendspace, but with less options for uploading material but more options for quizzes, NearPod is quite easy to use. You need to make the lessons in the browser version, easier on a PC, and then students can log into your lesson through the app or browser. They need no ID etc which makes life easier, you just start the lesson and they type in a short code. I used it with groups from year 1 to 7 with very good results - 100% engagement. With a free membership you can do all of the above but I am going to sign up to a gold membership for a month. This allows you to set the lessons for homework. I will use this to make the lessons more self paced, particularly for the older students.

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